Accelerate your game with Nation Lacrosse—
individualized coaching for the serious lacrosse player.

Nation Lacrosse teaches progressive lacrosse punctuated with confidence building. We bring the college game to both the boys and girls high school and youth levels through individual instruction, small group instruction and presentations. We are based in eastern Massachusetts, but service players throughout New England and other states, including Missouri, Florida, and Maryland.

Through working with the region's more committed players, Nation Lacrosse has made numerous technique-oriented advancements in both the women's and men's games. From advancing the cradle and creating an enhanced throwing technique for women, to devising a technically sound and efficient methodology for goalie keepers, Nation Lacrosse is always developing ways for our athletes to succeed.

We work with players looking to be better than their competition. We devise customized lacrosse programs tailored to body type and ability, create specific drills to enhance footwork and hand speed, and teach fun, creative and advanced lacrosse. Utilizing individual instruction, video, video analysis and personalized drills, our players track their improvement by conceptualizing proper form, attention to the particulars while correcting poor mechanics.

Technique is imperative and creativity is paramount.

After athleticism, the only way to be competitive is to possess the ability.

The only way to possess the ability is to have had specific instruction.

How good do you
want to become?